Aniruddhe Mukerjee has been working since 23 years in Senior Management Positions in the Government, 4 years in International Development and Corporate Sector Positions.Chief Executive responsible for execution of all governmental policies including environment, water supply & sanitation, watersheds management, integrated water resources management, health, education & welfare of women and children at different levels of governance ranging from district administration to rural and urban local bodies.



Depinder Kapur is a senior development and WASH expert and is currently working as Sanitation Domain Expert for the Sanitation Capacity building Platform at NIUA.He was Country Head of WaterAid in India and before that with CARE, Oxfam and WSSCC as its National Coordinator where he anchored the national coordination mechanism of Global Sanitation Fund India programme.He has worked as a sanitation expert in PMU of Ministry of Urban Development and has been part of consulting engagements with UNICEF and FAO for Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of HRD and others.



Alfred has been serving as International Consultant for capacity development, strategy and technical support, development of public institutions, network development, assessment and evaluation. Climate Change, Urban and Industrial Environmental Policy, Environmental Assessment, Sustainable Development, Adult Education.He has worked on strategy development for and evaluation of bilateral cooperation programs in the fields of public management, environmental policy, climate change, natural resource management, sustainable development.



Derko is a civil engineer, has been working for many years in the sanitation sector at international level. As an experienced project director and consultant, he has been responsible for numerous sanitation projects in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, providing identification of suitable technologies, stakeholder analysis, institutional support and capacity building for public and private partners.

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