Humlog - We The People: is a citizens platform!

1. In the era, when expectations for quality of services is going up; authorities are increasingly under pressure to provide good quality services. Governance can be improved substantially, if ‘providers of services’ communicate with citizens and vice versa.

2. Citizens, on daily basis face whole lot of problems & also have suggestions & ideas to offer; which often do not reach to the concerned authorities.

3. Citizens on one hand, complain about the problems in isolation; discuss, forget & do nothing about it. Problems therefore becomes more serious when they are not addressed in time. Citizens on the other hand, are willing to contribute to make difference, but they think that they can do nothing as individuals, primarily because, no platform is available to reach out to the authorities

4. While the authorities also have limitations, the service provision can be effective if citizens recognize their responsibilities. Ignorance by citizens and ‘low service levels’ as ‘accepted norm’, play a big role in deteriorating the situation. If citizens contribute a small bit of their time –governance can be improved and democracy can be strengthened

5. HUMLOG–WE THE PEOPLE, is a platform to reach out to the service providers and act as a Bridge between citizens & authorities. It also aims to address policy issues, act as a think- tank & substantiate claims with research & studies

6. THE MOBILE APP and the supporting WEB Applications for citizens and providers of services, have been created & are accessible across the country to reach out to all key governance levels; be it a municipal authority, a government department or a private player

7. “Humlog – We The People” mobile app is very simple to use, where users can register their complaint, submit to the provider and track progress. User can upload text, picture, audio, video along with location indicating the problem.Service providers can track complaints received & addressed. Similarly, feedback & suggestions can be provided via this app. Similar services are also offered by the website

8. You are encouraged to download the app from App store for iOS & Android phones, visit website and follow us on social media.

Initiatives & interventions
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